About us

Music Estonia is a music industry development centre and export office in Estonia.

We aim to develop the Estonian music industry into a profitable and innovative sector that exports its services, products and trademarks worldwide.

Our main activities include providing a unified marketing platform for local music businesses and representing them at sector events globally, constantly developing the international network, developing cross-sector collaborations, organising seminars and workshops, contributing to surveys in the field, participating in international projects and organisations.

The organisation was founded in 2014 by Estonian music companies.



The mission of Music Estonia is to support the professional development of the competitive music industry.

In order to carry out its mission, Music Estonia acts as a central representative and development organisation in the field of music, effectively standing for the interests of music entrepreneurs and amplifying their activities both locally and internationally.



Estonia has a viable music industry and music entrepreneurship is valued in society as a value-added and internationally competitive business sector.

In order to carry out its vision, Music Estonia is shaping a comprehensive and coordinated ecosystem in the field of music, with an aim of creating excellent conditions for Estonian music companies to develop their creative and market potential.



Music Estonia bases its work on three main values: openness, cooperation and knowledge-based activity.

Openness – We are founded by and work for music companies and organisations. Our operation is transparent and inclusive of our members and the industry.

Cooperation – As a small organisation, we know that in order to achieve results, we need to work very closely together both within and outside the field. To this end we are developing and expanding our cooperation network both in Estonia and internationally. We are a constructive partner in the development of the music industry for both the public and private sectors.

Knowledge-based activity – We collect comprehensive and up-to-date statistics and rely on research and analysis. We proceed from the needs of our members and those working in the field. Our activity is purposeful and solution-oriented.


Strategic goals

  1. Estonian music companies have the necessary skills, knowledge and contacts to operate effectively in the field and to develop entrepreneurship.
  2. The Estonian music industry is well networked internationally and music companies are successful in foreign markets.
  3. The voice of the Estonian music sector is heard in society and the field is developed on the basis of knowledge.



Music Estonia’s highest authority is the General Assembly, open for participation and voting to all the members who are selecting Advisory Board in every two years. Managing Director is responsible for the governance and representation of the organisation.

Here is our Music Estonia strategy 2021-2024



Music Estonia is a member of European Music Exporters Exchange (EMEE), International Association of Music Centres (IAMIC) and a member of Live DMA where we are members of the board.