EMEE Forum 2024

Location: Tallinn, Estonia

This year, Music Estonia also hosts the EMEE, the European Music Exporters Exchange, annual forum in Tallinn prior to Tallinn Music Week. The focus topic of the forum is environmental and social sustainability. EMEE represents 33 national and regional Music Export offices from 28 countries, with the mission of strengthening the European music sector by encouraging musical diversity, visibility, and supporting mobility within and outside Europe. 

Focus theme of the forum: Develop new approaches to music export that are environmentally and socially sustainable, inclusive and appropriately reflect the diversity of European music sectors and cultural landscape in general.

General goal of the forum: Draft an EMEE guidelines document that articulates key points how all of the six steps of the European Music Export Strategy can be made environmentally and socially more sustainable.   

The forum topic is also included in the conference program, with a panel on Friday, April 5th titled “Music Moves Sustainably? Cultural mobility in the age of climate change.” Presentation: EMEE guidelines for sustainable music export development by Virgo Sillamaa, Research Coordinator at EMEE – European Music Exporters Exchange. You can read more about it here.

As part of the event, representatives of European music offices will also get introduced with the Estonian music industry and our companies. The forum will be attended by 27 representatives of music export offices, as well as EMEE representatives and foreign guests, totaling 31 international professionals.


2.04 EMEE meeting at the Estonian Ministry of Culture

President of EMEE Corinne Sadki (CNM, Centre national de la musique)
Coordinator of EMEE Tamara Kamińska (Music Export Poland)
Research coordinator of EMEE Virgo Sillamaa (Estonia/Belgium)
Board member and GS of EMEE Ave Tölpt (Music Estonia)
Estonian Minister of Culture Heidy Purga
Music advisor Ivo Lille
International relations advisor Madli-Liis Parts
Creative industries advisor Anu-Maaja Pallok
Head of the Department of Communication and International Cooperation Meelis Kompus 

2.04 EMEE networking event with the Estonian music industry at the ISU restaurant in the HALL club

Introduction to the following Estonian companies: HALL, Paavli Kultuurivabrik and Damn Loud Agency, UCE Agency and HUNGR, Tier Music, FAAR Music, Funk Embassy and Selektor Studio, Porridge Bullet and Sound, Võnge, I Land Sound, Jazzkaar, Eesti Kontsert, UNIBET.

3.–4.04 EMEE Annual Forum at the Creative Hub

4.04 Opening of Tallinn Music Week

5.–6.04 Tallinn Music Week Conference and Showcase Festival

Music Estonia is represented by the director Ave Sophia Tölpt.