EMEE Mission and Linecheck Music Meeting and Festival

Location: Milan, Itaalia

Linecheck Music Meeting and Festival, taking place in Milan, is Italy’s leading conference and innovative music festival. Linecheck is the ultimate meeting place between professionals and enthusiasts of not just the music sector, but an incubator for dialogues between music, creative, technology and cultural industries, bridging the gaps between Italy, other European countries, the UK and the rest of the world.

EMEE, the European Music Exporters Exchange, is bringing the next mission to Milan during Linecheck and Milano Music Week. Nearly 20 export offices from around Europe are connecting with key professionals in the Italian music industry, building new relationships, and participating in a Music Moves Europe discussion.

Linecheck is the final event for HEMI (Hub for the Exchange of Music Innovation) Incubator, bringing together HEMI Incubator coordination team, mentors of Stream 2, jury members, projects from Stream 2 and 3 grant winners of Stream 1. HEMI corner will showcase selected projects from HEMI Incubator and 4 selected incubatees will be pitching their projects at Startup Ecosystem Summit in front of possible partners and investors, including one of the grant winners from Estonia – Scoremusic OÜ represented by Kristjan Nõlvak.

From our side Ave Tölpt (Director) and Marili Randla (Project Manager) are participating.

Other participants from Estonia:
Scoremusic OÜ – Kristjan Nõlvak (HEMI Incubator participant)
Spazier OÜ – Semion Sobolevski (HEMI Incubator participant)
Urban Culture Entertainment OÜ – Tatjana Korenika (HEMI Incubator participant)
Maris Pihlap (artist)
Tallinn Music Week and Station Narva Festivals – Helen Sildna
EMEE research coordinator – Virgo Sillamaa

Panels with our participation:
Thursday, 23rd November at 10.00 am
Virgo Sillamaa, EMEE

Thursday, 23rd November at 11.30 am
Helen Sildna, Tallinn Music Week and Station Narva Festivals

Thursday, 23rd November at 1.15 pm
Music Moves Europe Dialogues #2: Conclusions · Linecheck
Virgo Sillamaa, EMEE

Friday, 24th November at 2.30 pm
Festivals, the labour of love? · Linecheck. Presented by SMA! Small Festivals Accelerator.
Ave Sophia Maria Tölpt, Director of Music Estonia

Other panels and meetings that Music Estonia is part of as a project partner:
Friday, 24th November at 12.30 pm
Act in Synch – What are we waiting for? We’ve got the super powers! · Linecheck

Friday, 24th November at 1.30 pm
Reception presented by IMF and SMA! · Linecheck