Ave Tölpt contiues as the Director of Music Estonia

The leadership of the Estonian Music Industry Development Center and Export Office, Music Estonia, will continue under the current director, Ave Tölpt.

The Music Estonia (ME) board confirmed at its August meeting the continuation of the current director, Ave Sophia Maria Tölpt, as a member of the ME board, serving as the director. The board is responsible for the daily management of the organization and the team, including effective management of the budget, strategic plan, involvement in international projects, and public representation in networks, as well as overseeing the organization’s activities.

“I began my work in the midst of the pandemic, when the focus of all cultural organizations was on saving the field from crisis, gathering essential data, and shaping related policies. The crisis also provided an opportunity to critically assess the organization’s management and make necessary proposals for its improvement,” said Tölpt. “The next step was to restore international mobility and exports. International conferences began to reopen their doors at the end of 2021, and 2022 proved to be very successful in terms of sending and welcoming our delegations. Ongoing and impactful global events have made regional cooperation with neighboring countries a top priority, as well as strengthening our North Baltic common market.”

According to Tölpt, Music Estonia has undergone positive development in the past three years, involving larger projects at the European level and strengthening the structure of its field in Estonia.

“This year, we also established a new branch, Music Estonia Managers, so we are maintaining two focuses by also continuing to manage the network of concert venues and organizers, Music Estonia Live. I believe we have managed to stay on the right strategic course, initiating programs and making decisions that will hopefully benefit the field and advance music entrepreneurship,” said Tölpt. “Communication with our companies or members, which now number over a hundred, is very important. Input from there guides our actions. Equally important is good cooperation with other music sector organizations and competence centers.”

ME board member and Alexela Concert Hall Director Aivar Sirelpuu believed that the board made an excellent decision. “Taking on her position during a challenging period, Ave not only managed to unite but also expand the membership and make the perspectives of creative businesses and creators heard at multiple levels. Ave’s continuation as director is very important for ME as a broad-based organization and will undoubtedly drive and develop the entire organization further.”

Looking to the future, Ave sees the greatest need for export funding and thoughtful support for domestic talent and companies. In addition, maintaining a focus on international regional activities while expanding beyond Europe and engaging with potential regions, such as the Asian market, is crucial. It is also important to continue development programs for advanced companies, general work with ME members and networks to ensure the widespread dissemination of the knowledge of Estonian companies in the domestic market, and to guarantee success on an international level. Lastly, she highlights the importance of data collection for obtaining a better analyzed overview of the music industry as a whole. “We could also reach longer-term agreements, such as the strategic exportation of Estonian delegations and talent, where the state’s long-term vision and well-thought-out support are essential,” she said.

“The world has become increasingly complex, and sustainability, both environmentally and economically, will undoubtedly be the central keyword for exports in the coming years. This is now a reality that requires more thoughtful handling, from organization to music synchronization,” Tölpt added.

Ave Tölpt took over as Music Estonia’s director in September 2020, and her new responsibilities will be in effect until mid-September 2026.


Photo: Radoslaw Kazmierczak