Music Estonia will take part in the open-air festival D Festival in Macedonia on July 1-3

Music Estonia will take part in the open-air festival Д Фестивал – Дојран Dojran in Macedonia on July 1-3. The festival, which started in 2011, hosts around 8,000 music lovers every year. The Small Festivals Accelerator, which we are part of, is a European project aimed at helping smaller festivals thrive in remote areas.

Ave Tölpt, director of Music Estonia, will participate in a panel discussion dedicated to just this – how to create a sustainable festival model and offer solutions to the more common problems small festivals traditionally face.
Music Estonia’s role in the project is to look at and analyse partner festivals – what their strategies are for community building and volunteer involvement, how gender equality and balance are implemented, how green thinking and accessibility are supported, and how they work with the tourism sector.

As part of the project survey, we have also previously reflected on our own members’ Station Narva and Intsikurmu Festival operating and engagement model. The findings will also be discussed in more detail in the panel, with examples from a number of other small Estonian festivals of different genres.

The festivals involved in the project are D-festival in Macedonia, Ypsigrock Festival in Italy and Haldern Pop Festival in Germany. During the project, a videobook of these festivals and their objectives will be produced.

The project will run until 2024 and partners in the project, in addition to the festivals, are Melting Pro Learning Societa Cooperativa from Italy and Turismo Vivencial from Spain.