Music Estonia’s new branch, Music Estonia Managers, has been chosen as a member of the EMMA network

Since August of this year, the new branch of Music Estonia, Music Estonia Managers, has been a member of the international manager-associating network called EMMA – The European Music Managers Alliance. The network is represented in the EMMA board by the leader of this branch, Thea Zaitsev. EMMA is an organization established in 2018, which now gathers over 2000 managers from Europe and 600 from other countries around the world.

The goal of EMMA is to contribute to collaboration and future development in the music field by providing a professional international network, as well as educational programs and training. The participation of Music Estonia Managers in the EMMA alliance will undoubtedly bring new momentum to both the Estonian music market and the development of the management sector, offering challenges for educational purposes, collective discussions, and initiatives.

The next joint meeting of EMMA members will take place in the fall of 2023 as part of the Reeperbahn Festival.

You can learn more about EMMA’s activities here:

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Thea Zaitsev
Head of Music Estonia Managers branch