MUSIC & MONEY a seminar for artists and managers by Hannes Tschürtz

From March to Aprill Hannes Tschürtzi will be running a six part seminar focusing on the collaboration between artist and manager. He will discuss the ways to set up a great collaboration and the options available for contracts. The seminar is meant for artists, managers, and all the other music industry people who are interested on the subject. 

Schedule for MUSIC & MONEY 

Introductory Seminar
March 17, Thursday, 4pm-7pm

Basics of music copyright and main roles in the industry
We look at the basic rules of Copyright that are brick and mortar for ANY type of business and money making in the music industry. We go through the main players of the music industry and how they are interconnected and intertwined.

Label & Publishing Deals Part I
March 22, Tuesday, 4pm-7pm

We look at why labels and publishers exist, what they do, and why they take that share of an artists income? We go through different types of contracts and forms of relationships in a modern-day music industry environment. Since there is a lot to cover it will be in two parts. 

Label & Publishing Deals Part II
March 29, Tuesday 4pm-7pm

 Collaboration with a label or publisher: practical aspects. 

Management Deals
April 5, Tuesday 4pm-7pm

How to organise Artist-Manager-Relationship? We will talk about expectations for both sides, industry standards, do’s and don’ts and contractual possibilities with an artist-manager relationship.

April 14, Thursday 4pm-7pm
Mapping artists main income streams, taking charge of the finances. We look into numbers, numbers, numbers and Excel sheets.

Goal Setting & Strategies
April 21, Thursday 4pm-7pm

We look into finding, creating, following and evaluating “the plan”. Right after we’ve looked at why we need one and how we find out what it’s for.

Hannes Tschürtz is the founder of the music agency and label Ink Music in Vienna, which books and promotes around 400 shows/year in Central and Eastern Europe. The company focuses on artist and career development and has won numerous awards for its artists and work.

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How to participate?

Participation fee: For non members 200€, for Music Estonia’s members 175€
To be part of the course sign up here:

The course will be in English and takes place at Music Estonia, Telliskivi 60a/1. 

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