The survey of small music venues in Estonia and Finland has been completed

We are delighted to introduce the final report of the Co-operation of small music venues project, a joint initiative of Live Music Estonia and LiveFIN, funded by Creative Europe’s Music Moves Europe programme.  The research concentrated on the small (capacity below 400 people) venues in Estonia and Finland and followed the structure of UK Live Music Census.

The research was led by professor Martin Cloonan from the University of Turku and carried out locally in Estonia by Marge Sassi and Egge Kulbok-Lattik and in Finland by Maarit Kinnunen.

The small music venues project serves as a good model and an example for other small countries of how to set common goals and carry out joint research and communication. The main problem the venues seem to be facing is that it is difficult for policymakers to understand small music venues’ importance in the music ecosystem.

The current project and the survey conducted within will help to address the problem and offer solutions to overcome it in different ways. The idea of the project was to empower small music venues in Finland and Estonia through network building, research, engagement and strategic communication.

The participating venues from Estonia have been kultuuriklubi Tempel, Sveta baar, Genialistide Klubi, and Philly Joe’s jazzclub. Finland was represented by Bar Loose, G Livelab Helsinki, Ravintola Torvi, 45 Special, and Maanalainen.

Read the full report here: SmallMusicVenuesReport