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Sessioon on 45 minutit pikk ja viie osavõtjaga.


11:30 – 12:15 Mentoring session: Tom Sherlock, IE

Focus topics: Practical band and brand development, international touring, publishing and synchronisation. 

Dublin-born Tom Sherlock has worked as a full-time music business professional since 1982 when he began employment with the leading Irish folk label Claddagh Records. He helped to establish Claddagh as one of the world’s largest distributors of traditional music. During his fifteen years with the label, Tom worked as A & R manager and also as a production manager. He also established a retail arm for the company and successfully managed Ireland’s leading folk and roots music record store. He has represented many of the leading Irish traditional music acts among them Altan, Liam O’Flynn, The Poet and the Piper (Seamus Heaney & Liam O’Flynn), The Chieftains, Lankum, Karan Casey, Seamus Begley, Usher’s Island, Lunasa, Paddy Glackin and Roisin Elsafty. Tom has wide experience of organizing tours in the USA, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Japan, China, and Australia and has worked in most European countries. He works as a programming consultant and advisor to a number of festivals. He has served as an advisor to the Irish Arts Council and has also worked in consultancy roles for the Government of Canada, the European Commission, the Department of Foreign Affairs (Ireland), The Ulster Folk and Transport Museum and Danish Roots amongst others. Tom is currently engaged by Music Estonia and Tempi (Denmark) to offer mentoring courses to musicians in those countries. He served, as treasurer, on the board of the Irish Traditional Music Archive in Dublin for six years and previously served at the board level for the Open House Festival in Belfast and the Dublin Folk Festival.

Registreeri end: https://musicestonia.typeform.com/to/baAG14Ol


12:45 – 13:30 Mentoring session: Rob McGee, UK

Focus topics: Social media platforms, self-releasing, strategy and building an international fan base. 

Rob McGee, former Agent at The Empire Agency (USA) and previous owner of Electric Harmony Agency (2010 – 2019), now sits as Live Booking Agent at FMLY Agency, a global talent agency that represents a growing roster of artists worldwide, as well as festival programming consultation and an Artist Management arm. Outside of living and breathing bookings, Rob is often found hosting or joining panels, speaking at conferences or participating in various roundtables and one-to-ones at various industry events.
Rob represents an impressive growing roster of artists:
Andy Bell, Baby Strange, Beach Riot, Beardyman, Chloe Foy, Du Blonde, False Heads, ĠENN, GIRLI, Goan Dogs, Hanya, Janet Devlin, Kyla La Grange, Lazy Day, Lazy Habits, Lazy Queen, Le Couleur, LoneLady (DJ), Orchards, Pyra, Ruby Duff, Sam Brookes, Shawn James, Shelf Lives, Simone Marie, SKAAR, Tebi Rex, The Howlers, THUMPER, Tungz & Tusks.

Registreeri end: https://musicestonia.typeform.com/to/OreTBp3F


14:00 – 14:45 Mentoring session: Kim Wagenaar, IS

Focus topics: Artist management, strategy, marketing, creative brainstorming

Kim Wagenaar graduated in Arts & Economics in 2013 from the University of the Arts in Utrecht. She has gained experience in multiple corners of the industry at a young age, including working in the Product & Promotion department at Holland’s oldest label to co-founding a music management agency.
Born in the Netherlands but having grown tired of feeling like a small cog in a huge machine, she relocated to Reykjavík, Iceland, in 2017, where she felt the cultural side of life was held in higher regard. Since then she’s held multiple management roles, working with artists like Damien Rice, Svavar Knútur and GusGus, rediscovered her love for production and took over Peer Agency in 2020 from a dear friend and fellow music manager Melina Rathjen.
Peer Agency focuses on creating sustainable careers for their roster, beyond borders. The agency hopes to build musical bridges between Iceland and the rest of the world. Kim is currently working on expanding Peer Agency by adding a production and local PR department, as well as strengthening the bond with her homeland, the Netherlands.

Registreeri end: https://musicestonia.typeform.com/to/WGkM57PZ


15:15 – 16:00 Mentoring session: Lydia Kirschstein, UK

Focus topics: Artist development and strategy, insight into the UK market, self-releasing, general advice from a manager’s perspective

Lydia Kirschstein is an artist manager at Trinifold Management, which is based in London. The company currently represents The Who, Roger Daltrey, Judas Priest, UB40 feat. Ali Campbell as well as new acts such as The Holy, Lake Jons, and The Wild Things.

Registreeri end: https://musicestonia.typeform.com/to/WPHUWvPM


16:30 – 17:15 Mentoring session: Martyna van Nieuwland, PL 

Focus topics: Jazz, world music, showcasing, networking, PR

Since 2013, Martyna Markowska has been the head of programming of the Institution of Culture Katowice City of Gardens, where she programmes the Katowice JazzArt Festival and the world music festival Gardens of Sounds. In addition to writing for numerous publications dedicated to interdisciplinary forms of art, she specialises in curating interdisciplinary and social projects within the programme of Katowice – UNESCO Creative City of Music such as Polish aspect of Czech Music Crossroads in Ostrava. She was a member of the team that organised WOMEX 2017 in Katowice and a board member of Europe Jazz Network.

Registreeri end: https://musicestonia.typeform.com/to/oByUd6So

13:30 – 14:30 Artist Development seminar: “How to create a sustainable artist career.” Seminar by Alma Ernst 

Get ahead of the game with Alma Ernst as she walks through her decades of experience helping artists develop careers in the music industry. From working with promoters to creating beneficial habits, her insights will give you the tools to build a sustainable career as an electronic musician.

Speaker: Alma Ernst, Senior Agent at Little Big Agency
Registreeri end: https://musicestonia.typeform.com/to/zrhvOWvW